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Among the list of basic service’s we have offered New England ports for almost 100 years, we are confident we can provide assistance within any circumstance that may arise on the waterfront.

We pride ourselves in the flexibility we have to offer as a company and the ability to utilize the contacts and respect of our vendors in any situation. We are here to provide a level of service that allows peace of mind and trust to our customer’s.


We provide the below services to all oceangoing vessels conducting business within New England’s Ports:

• Vessel Owner’s Agency
• Vessel Charterer’s Agency
• Off shore & Waterfront Project Support & Consultation
• Electronic Notice of Arrival / Departure (ENOAD) submittals & processing
• Crew Changes
• Ship Spare’s – Air Freight, U.S. Custom’s Entrance, Warehousing and Delivery
• AMS Entry’s
• Vessel Emergency Response Coordination
• Future Project Consultation

Port States of Service:

- Maine
- Massachusetts
- New Hampshire
- Rhode Island


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